Landscape Re-Imagined


PRESS RELEASE: Landscape Re-Imagined, Nov 30, 2006 - Jan  6, 2007

This group exhibition presents six artists, whose works explore landscape imagery, layering their own specific contemporary language of form and ideas with the historical notion of landscape. 

Will Yackulic’s gouache paintings on paper use geometric Tetris-like cubes and text in cool blue and white to form invented topographies, which speak to both organic and imagined architecture. Sebastian Lemm, showing 3 digitally processed C-prints, sees himself as the link between two realities – the one outside of the camera and the one that begins once the photograph has been taken. Rather than documenting or ‘capturing the moment,’ Lemm shows what is not immediately visible.  Zane Lewis’ paintings spring from his fascination with the natural and alchemical qualities of water, and aim to reveal its essence and kinetic flow.  Lewis digitally converts photographs of actual fountains into corresponding paint-by-number canvases, from which flow spills of acrylic paint. Raymond Saá renders in charcoal semi-abstract floral imagery that references his Cuban-American heritage and childhood in Miami. 

Also included is the work of Lee Stoetzel and Mary Temple.