Heidi Van Wieren

Heidi Van Wieren at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

September 20, 2015 - Thatcher Projects

Thatcher Projects is excited to announce Heidi Van Wieren's participation in the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey exhibition, Adhere.

This exhibition showcases art that uses the distinctive and unconventional medium of adhesives.  The works on view, which include several site-specific installations, incorporate various tapes, glues and stickers utilized for mark making, shading, color and texture. Artists from across the United States, Europe, and Asia will present works that demonstrate the somewhat unexpected and incredibly technical aesthetic quality of this art form. The exhibition is curated by Katherine Murdock, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey Assistant Curator.

Exhibiting artists: Tirtzah Bassel, Travis Childers, Hayt Hester, Ye Hongxing, Vandana Jain, Hong Seon Jang, Mark Khaisman, Sandra Ono, Johan Rijpma, Heidi Van Wieren

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