Jus Juchtmans

NY Arts Magazine: Jus Juchtmans at Margaret Thatcher Projects

March 1, 2014 - Cassie Cummins

Upon first glance, “Color Virus,” the third solo exhibition of Belgian artist Jus Juchtmans currently up at Margaret Thatcher Projects, seems to speak to or qualify itself within the monochrome painting movement. Each of Juchtmans’ pieces is a kind of meditation on a color: one blue, another red, another yellow, another white. As such, the show seems to beg the question of what significance can be found in a monochrome painting made today, many decades after the heyday of monochrome painters like Yves Klein or Kazimir Malevich.

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Mumble Feed: Art Overload

August 27, 2013 - Mumble Feed

Jus Juchtmans' intriguing composition of abstract painting weirdly gave me a flashback of

my childhood. Perhaps it was the shiny acrylic surface reminded me of metallic origami paper which I used to cover up the surface of my cardboard ballet pointe shoes! It’s great when art makes you reflect on your personal experience and bring back your memories.

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Miami Art Zine: Interview with Peter Weber, artist and co-owner of Gallery Renate Bender from Munich, Germany at Art

December 12, 2012 - Heike Dempster

Gallery Renate Bender brings minimal, monochrome and abstract expressionist from Munich, Germany. We had a quick chat with their represented artist Peter Weber.

Please tell us about the work of Jus Juchtmans.

Jus Juchtmans is a Belgian artist who uses extremely shiny acrylic to cover his canvases in many layers. The various layers shine through as some colors mix and others compliment each other. Beautiful aesthetics.

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Mumble Feed: Jus Juchtmans, New Paintings, at Margaret Thatcher Projects

January 18, 2008 - Antiques and The Arts Weekly

NEW YORK CITY - Margaret Thatcher Projects is hosting the first New York solo exhibition of new paintings by Belgian artist Jus Juchtmans  through February 16.

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Artnet: Letter from L.A.

August 9, 1999 - Irit Krygier

Car Culture

Jonathan Stephenson of Rocket Gallery in London organized a show called "Surface Speed" at Cirrus Gallery. Issues of desire in our consumer culture are central to the work of the Portuguese artist Augusto Alves da Silva, whose poignant photographs contrast Ferraris in the showroom to the obviously poor spectators peering in through the windows. Alves da Silva's photos go well with the Minimalist paintings of the Belgian artist Jus Juchtmans, whose fluorescent monochromes evoke high-gloss automotive finish.

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