Kevin Finklea

Fallon and Rosof Art Blog: Kevin Finklea’s Nuanced Paintings at London’s Eagle Gallery

July 2, 2006 - Steve Kimbrough

Philadelphia artist and friend of artblog Kevin Finklea has four paintings on show at the Eagle Gallery in London. Each painting is on a solid board, either of plexiglass or MDF. No framing necessary. Each painting consists of a rectangle of darker color set against a lighter background. The rectangles are each off center to the left, in reference to British driving habits. In two of the paintings the rectangles are biased up, and in two, down. 

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Vicky Perry Art Critical: Kevin Finklea

April 1, 2005 - Vicky Perry

Kevin Finklea presents reductive panels of great beauty, each highlighting an obsessive adoration of color. The attachment to color lies in color's inconclusive nature. One can never know what it is exactly. Indeed, indeterminacy is at the core of Finklea's enterprise.

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