Vadim Katznelson

Vadim Katznelson: Interiority of Paint

January 1, 2007 - Katherine R. Lieber

As the wall-mounted sculptural abstractions of Vadim Katznelson: Interiority of Paint reveal, at times there are pleasures simply in pure color and form. Formed entirely of hard-drying acrylic resin, Katzenelson's aggregations of brightly colored, flower-like bursts are at once suggestive of solid, synthetic plasticity and the fractures or fissions of organic process...Continue to full story

Art Letter

February 10, 2005 - Paul Klien

Every time I walk out the door and go visit galleries I find something I like, but as I was explaining to my son this afternoon, meaningful experiences don't always have to be positive - just real.

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The C.A.C.A. Review: An Occasional Publication of the Chicago Art Critic Association

October 1, 2003 - Victor M. Cassidy

Yum, yum, yum! Luscious, glistening, wavy stripes of thick, white, acrylic paint mixed with rich blues, reds, yellows, greens, or browns. Every surface shimmers: the colors seem to change with the light. Some color fields have unlimited depth like the sky. Vague forms float through others. This work is so very tactile that the artist, Vadim Katznelson, was prompted to supply a sample of the paint he uses so visitors could hold it in their hands instead of touching his paintings.

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New York Times: Art Guide

January 28, 2000

(UN)RESOLVED, Rosenberg and Kaufman, 115 Wooster Street, (212) 431-4838 (through Feb. 12). The ambiguous title is appropriate for this miscellaneous group exhibition. Among the more interesting works are exquisitely made drawings on music composition paper by Andrew Topolski; a soberly sensuous rectilinear composition made of red commercial primer paints on a sheet of steel by Merrill Wagner; and an abstract canvas with a curiously raised, netlike grid of green paint by Vadim Katznelson.

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