Catch as Catch Can


PRESS RELEASE: Catch as Catch Can, Jul 18 - Aug 31, 2013

Artworks by:

Matthias van Arkel, Frank Badur, Jaq Belcher, William Betts, Omar Chacon, Cathy Choi, Kevin Finklea, Adam Fowler, Rainer Gross, Jus Juchtmans, Vadim Katznelson, Julian Lorber, Cameron Luft, Tad Mike, Heidi Spector, Bill Thompson,Venke & Spänle, Karin Waskiewicz

Margaret Thatcher Projects is pleased to present Catch As Catch Can, a summer group show of recent works by invited artists and selected artworks from the gallery program. Including artworks by  Jaq Belcher, Omar Chacon, Cathy Choi, Kevin Finklea, Vadim Katzelson and Julian Lorber, the exhibition is titled after an idiom referring to the attitude of working with what means are available. Perhaps to be interpreted as a brief survey of the gallery’s program, the exhibition uncovers and presents jewels from the gallery inventory alongside fresh artworks arriving direct from the artists' studios.