Adam Fowler - Incised Drawings


PRESS RELEASE: Adam Fowler - Incised Drawings, Mar 29 - May  5, 2007

Fowler’s process-oriented drawings materialize from divergent practices.
The artist begins by making sweeping automatic drawings in graphite of circles and ellipses on lightweight archival paper.  Once the marks are laid down, in earnest fashion, Fowler begins cutting along the arcing lines with an X-Acto blade removing the unmarked spaces, creating fragile web-like drawings. He then stacks the lace-thin sheets one on the other. The shadows cast by the fine webs of cut paper combine with the drawn swoops of line, giving the compositions a sculptural physicality. The intense ritual of creating each piece yields up powerful, dense universes of unbroken motion, built of individual structures of remarkable delicacy.  One especially intricate drawing to be presented in this exhibition is a collage of twenty-five layers representing many months of concentrated labor for the artist.

Adam Fowler’s drawings were featured in Selections Fall 2005 at the Drawing Center.  This past year, the work was included in The New Collage at Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York.